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Previous Litters and retired FurFamily

We get colors & patterns that are incredibly beautiful

Ginger with 2 litters_edited.jpg
dillion & manny
Cookie Monster.jpg

Ginger, now retired

Ginger is here with HER litter and our former girl Angel who was very sick right after giving birth. She took care of all 15 puppies like a trooper!

Dillon and Manny
shaded cream long hair males
at Foster home until permanent homes are found

we wanted to keep these boys but they ended up being small standards, too big for our program

Cookie Monster, retired

Small litter but what a fantastic mama!

Powder face.jpg
Teddy & mirra

Powder, retired 2022

Cream piebald long hair female

Cinders & Sea'Mo 2019

both now retired


Teddy & Mirra, retired

both retired

Bitsy & pups

Pebbles & Itsy June 2019

Itsy is 

mixed coat

Bitsy & pups, June 2022

Bitsy's last litter with us before she went to Doxiewoods in Tuscaloosa AL

Ginger & Rebel October 2019

both retired now

glorious AKC long hairs

pebbles kids
Princess & pups

Pebbles pups, 2022

too ado

Punkin & Scooter 08/2019

both have 

AKC long hairs

Princess & pups October 2022

beautiful pups

Red Rider Racer
part0(1)(1) 1.jpg

Bitsy & Rebel- 2019

Rebel is retired. Bitsy is at DoxieWoods in Tuscaloosa AL

AKC smooths

Red Rider Racer
AKC red long hair male
at Foster home until permanent homes are found

AKC red long hair male
we wanted to keep him but we can't keep them all

Blondie & Casanova 2020
Blondie is retired

Creams and ee creams


Summer's & Scrappy litter 2020
both are now retired

Longhaired cuties

Zoey's and Scrappy 2020
Scrappy is retired

Gorgeous longhaired babies

Cocoa & Rebel

both now retired

Was a mix of colors


Lovie Buggie and Itsy 2019

Feisty little ones

at Foster home until permanent homes are found

Black & tan Brindle long hair male

Powder and Freckles 2019
both now retired

Lots of Piebalds, was soooooo Pretty

Past Puppies & Parents: Team
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